Friday, December 5, 2008

Dollar depression

I really wish someone had have given me some warning before the American dollar crashed because I would have gone crazy on

When the dollar was around .95 it was a pure dream! I was buying vintage YSL, handmade jewellry and more like it was no bodies business!!! Many hours were wasted....but now I have to stay welllll clear!

I don't want to encourage you but I just thought I'd share some of my favourites; - beautiful headbands perfect for the races or a special event! - laser cut out jewellry! Really cool and not too expensive...

I find etsy really great for unique presents, gossip girl style headbands and gorgeous vintage! It is also a lot more user friendly than ebay and shipping is usually much cheaper from overseas sellers!!

Here is my public profile-have a look at my favourites if you wish!!!


RocketGirl said...

I'm addicted to etsy too :) I'm channeling that into buying gorgeous vintage dresses for my store at the moment, but will go nuts when I have some money and the dollar improves ;)

Ash said...

I know! I miss buying from all my favourite US ebay-ers!!

They have the most unique vintage!

Oh, Natalie.. said...

Ahh this has annoyed me too! I've been waiting for an Etsy seller to make me an ivoice for ages & it only came today & now the dollar is crappy again. Ugh. Hopefully back up soon? Though boyfriend is behind me going, 'nup'. Hah..

Cute blog! x