Friday, December 5, 2008

Dollar depression

I really wish someone had have given me some warning before the American dollar crashed because I would have gone crazy on

When the dollar was around .95 it was a pure dream! I was buying vintage YSL, handmade jewellry and more like it was no bodies business!!! Many hours were wasted....but now I have to stay welllll clear!

I don't want to encourage you but I just thought I'd share some of my favourites; - beautiful headbands perfect for the races or a special event! - laser cut out jewellry! Really cool and not too expensive...

I find etsy really great for unique presents, gossip girl style headbands and gorgeous vintage! It is also a lot more user friendly than ebay and shipping is usually much cheaper from overseas sellers!!

Here is my public profile-have a look at my favourites if you wish!!!

Star Print

My latest obsession is anything in navy star print! I think it is so cute. I bought this scarf on ebay for $25!
I have also found other star printed items on

Click on the picture to see the rest of the items!!


I bought this ring about a month ago as a present to myself! The person who said that money can't buy happiness was clearly lying because I feel like a princess when ever I wear it!

Some of the other stuff in Swarovski is just unique!


One of the things that really interests me is travel and shopping is one of my main priorities when I visit a new country. I did my cliche student travel trip around Europe trip earlier this year and I have to say London was my favourite shopping destination.

I would love to start a website or directory for all the best shopping places including markets, hidden boutiques etc. around the world because I know that living in Melbourne I have found so many random places that I have only from being a local. It would be great to know where these random boutiques, markets, fantastic sales are going on around the world.

I would have to say that Portbello Road on a Friday and Saturday is amazing in London. There is vintage bags and other designer goods, to amazing unique handmade pieces and accessories. This street goes on for ages and you really need a whole day to have a proper look. When I was there I also got some Pout cosmetics which were selling for about $5 for an eyeshadow and lipglosses. The ambiance is also great and you can get some really nice food to keep you going!

Camden Market: This was also very very cool-mostly handmade pieces especially jewellry. I got this ring from a stall that had lots of brooches and rings with random objects cast in clear resin! I get so many complements from this ring! A salesperson even randomly grabbed my arm in curiosity!

Zara and H&M are also absolutely fantastic. They are so reasonably priced and the quality is great! They also update their stock regulary so you can go in there every couple of weeks and find something new. Although H&M becomes very common-3 of the pieces I bought overseas I have seen people wearing the exact same thing in Australia even in the color!

I am going back hopefully in January next year so hopefully I will find some more hidden shopping treasure! If you have any ideas of where I should visit please please tell me!!!!

American Apparel

I made my first purchase at American Apparel the other day.

I really love this brand for 100000 reasons-even though it is arguably a little over priced the range of colors and styles, quality, simplicity and the way the brand it marketed makes it irresistible!! The cuts are refreshing and it is so easy to form a really cute outfit whether you are heading down the street or going out!!

Even better is that when you sign up you get 10% discount and shipping at the moment is free if you spent over $100. I bought 3 t-shirts, 1 with a pocket on the chest, 1 with a scooped back (like a leotard but you can still wear a bra with it) and a deep v t-shirt and also a high waisted tulip skirt all for $150!

My First Post


This is my first ever post-how exciting! My main reason for starting this blog is procrastination from tidying my room...I love fashion, beauty and travelling.

I am always interested in the newest trends and finding the best bargains! I am always looking for new and exciting fashion websites aswell as shopping all over the world!!

Have fun reading my blog!